Health & Safety Information

Safety First Policy


This policy will outline our commitment to making your guest experience in the Hotel as safe and comfortable as possible. The controls outlined below will be monitored and updated regularly if necessary. We will continue to follow Government, HSE & Irish Hotel Federation advice on Covid 19.

Please be aware of our signage within the Hotel and on our website with regards to Covid 19 outlining the procedures.

The Hotel

Bedroom Key cards will be disinfected after each use

We will encourage contactless payment and receipts where possible can be emailed to Guests on request

Hand Sanitisers Dispensers will be placed at entry to the Hotel and also in each department and areas within the Hotel. Hot Water and soap are available in the Hotel public toilets for handwashing.

We will implement the Government advice on Social distancing within the Hotel. Furniture has been rearranged to reflect this.

We have removed the high touch items in our bedrooms to minimise the risk. If required these items can be requested at reception. We will continue to focus on cleaning high touch areas in the bedrooms & public areas of the Hotel.

We have reduced the seating capacity in our Café Bar, View Bar & Kitchen Restaurant. All tables & condiments will be disinfected after each use. Menus will be single use only or QR code for telephones.

We will increase cleaning in all public areas of the Hotel to include high touch items.

Use of a Disinfectant Fogging machine:

Each room in the Glasshouse will be treated with a disinfectant fog following a thorough clean after a guest checks out.

This machine very effectively deals with viruses and other air and surface contaminants.

The Employees

All Employees will be trained on procedures & policies relating to Covid 19

PPE equipment will be worn in line with Government, HSE & Irish Hotel Federation guidelines

Foreign Guests & International Travel

The Glasshouse Hotel has a Policy that it cannot accept reservations of Guests from countries that are not on the Government Green List available on . This is due to Health & Safety.

Further Updated COVID-19 Restrictions

Face masks must be worn by customers & guests at all times other than when sitting at their table.

Hotel Bar to be closed for both residents and non-residents at 11.30pm every night.

The maximum time that people can stay at tables is 105 minutes.

Last orders for food is 9pm.

The maximum allowed per table is six people.

Regarding meeting rooms, only six people are allowed in a meeting. No more meetings larger than six people are allowed anymore until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Staff and Management of the Glasshouse Sligo



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